Chokri  OMRI
Founder & CEO - Middle East

Chokri OMRI is the Founder & CEO of Middle East. He leads the team to success with his vision and expertise.

Chokri, Founder and CEO - Middle East, G2SF Solutions

As the Founder and CEO - Middle East of G2SF Solutions, Chokri brings extensive experience in security management, operations, and leadership to the forefront. With a background in the military as a former Special Forces Army Officer, Chokri has transitioned seamlessly into the civilian sector, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and strategic acumen.

Professional Background:

  • Military Leadership: Chokri's tenure in the Tunisian Army, particularly in roles such as Airborne Commandos Platoon Leader and Special Forces Team Leader, equipped him with invaluable leadership skills, crisis management expertise, and a deep understanding of security protocols.
  • Corporate Leadership: Transitioning into the corporate world, Chokri has held pivotal roles such as Operations and Business Development Manager at BSL Group EMEA, where he played a key role in driving operational efficiency and fostering business growth.
  • Entrepreneurship: As the Founder and CEO - Middle East of G2SF Solutions, Chokri has demonstrated visionary leadership, spearheaded strategic initiatives, and fostered a culture of innovation within the organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Security Management: With a Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) Level 6 diploma and extensive training in security protocols and best practices, Chokri possesses a deep understanding of security management principles and strategies.
  • Operations Management: Chokri excels in overseeing day-to-day operations, optimizing processes, and ensuring seamless execution of projects, drawing upon his experience in managing diverse teams and complex projects.
  • Business Development: Leveraging his strong interpersonal skills and strategic mindset, Chokri has been instrumental in identifying new business opportunities, nurturing client relationships, and driving revenue growth for G2SF Solutions.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: Known for his inspirational leadership style and ability to motivate teams towards achieving common goals, Chokri is committed to cultivating a culture of excellence and professional development within G2SF Solutions.

Vision and Mission:

Chokri is dedicated to positioning G2SF Solutions as a global leader in security and risk management, driven by a commitment to innovation, integrity, and client satisfaction. His vision is to leverage cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and a customer-centric approach to deliver unparalleled security solutions and ensure the safety and security of clients worldwide.

  • Personal Attributes:

- Strategic Thinker: Chokri possesses a forward-thinking mindset, constantly exploring new opportunities and innovative solutions to address evolving security challenges.

- Resilient: With a proven track record of navigating complex environments and overcoming obstacles, Chokri approaches challenges with resilience and determination.

- Collaborative: Chokri values collaboration and teamwork, fostering open communication and mutual respect among colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

- Ethical Leadership: Guided by principles of integrity and ethical conduct, Chokri upholds the highest standards of professionalism and accountability in all endeavors.

In summary, Chokri's dynamic leadership, extensive expertise in security management, and unwavering commitment to excellence position him as a trusted leader in the field, driving G2SF Solutions towards continued success and growth in the Middle East region and beyond.